PI Project

Connecting the world through art and the infinite number sequence of PI.


Check out our 2018 editions of Pi Project at  www.piprojectmap.com

Connecting the world through Art

We are thrilled to announce the release of the 2018 edition of Pi Project.  Since launching on 3/14/17, International Pi Day,  

Pi Project is up to the 250th digit spanning the globe. In 20 US states, 15 countries across 5 continents.

PiProject is a multi-decade long project that will continue to grow and evolve as the sculpture expands and data mapping technology develops.  


This installation is available to everyone.

Become a part of the largest art installation in the world by owning a piece of the PI.


What is Pi Project?

To begin with Pi Project is a beautifully hand cast sculpture made from white hydrocal gypsum cement.  Measuring 3.14” X 3.14” x 0.75”.   the piece represents an individual number along the sequence of the likely infinite number of PI.  Each piece is sent with its own Certificate of Authenticity identifying the number and the position of the number along the sequence.  


The second piece of the project is a global interactive map publicly available to everyone online where each piece and collector is connected through data map showing lines to all the geo-location of each number.

In collaboration with Chris Klapper