Patrick Gallagher’s current work centers on the use of emerging technology and interaction. He is a video and sound installation artist working with various electronic mediums, photographic processes and the moving image. He began his career producing video compositions for electronic music events in and around NYC in 1998, creating immersive environments in the style of pop art and expressionism.

Patrick Gallagher_BioBased in Brooklyn, NY since 1996 he has continued to show regularly in and around NYC, Philadelphia, PA, Boston, MA, Tulsa, OK, Viareggio and Masphra, Italy.  His most recent work is part of the permanent collection at the Hydropolis Museum in Wroclaw, Poland and a performance installation La Fragua, in Belalcazar, Spain.

A painter who works with large-scale interactive sculpture, a video artist who transforms sound into photography. In an era were oil paintings can incorporate physical computing and sculpture involves elements of programing, the lines of what medium artists ascribe their work becomes irrelevant. I am inspired by the chance to explore new materials and new technologies. To me this expanding pallet of resources presents a limitless source of creative energy.


Personal statement:

Art is powerful. It speaks to the subconscious and conscious mind simultaneously. It has the ability to inhabit our walls and make us feel safe. It can remind us of the inherent beauty surrounding us but also contains the ability to strike emotional chords and spark rage. Art has power because it connects us as individuals. With it we share ideas that go beyond the limits of language in an outward expression of the human experience. Whether it is the search for beauty, the search for calm, expressions of fear or the exploration of violence; art is communication between human beings cast within the mediums and modes relevant to our time. In this sense art is a message both to ourselves and to the future that expresses the intimate experience of our time.